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Apr. 13th, 2020

ghost in machine [satsuki]

(no subject)


Heytz. You have stumbled into Momo's personal journal. And the 99% of the entries are friends locked. Comment to be added? I like knowing new people so don't be afraid =).

Icon journal -> undinicons
momo_lozt_soul -> undini

Feb. 15th, 2009

heart station [euphie]

CLAMP feature Da Vinci Magazine March 2009 [Long Interview ++]

I scanned this one as well because chibiyuuto asked me for it ^o^. And it seems I'm getting good at this somehow, I can do it faster and neater, and it's just my second time (it's not like I'm showing off but I feel happy about it). There you go ~

CLAMP feature Da Vinci Magazine March 2009 ~

Enjoy and please credit me if using o/.

And on Friday, we got to know the results for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) that we all sat for on December last year ... and I passed Level 1 (1 kyuu) \o\o/o/ \o\o/o/ !! ... some friends didn't though -.-

Feb. 10th, 2009

heart station [euphie]

CLAMP Newtype March 2009 + Kobato Drop.12-b

chibiyuuto-kun asked me to take pictures of CLAMP's stuff from Newtype that came out today but since tomorrow is a national holiday in Japan (Constitution Day) and I don't have classes I just went ahead and scanned it. I didn't know how PAINFUL it is the whole process of scanning and then editing, omg O.o. Now I respect all those scanlators out there in the internet orz. And I must say it feels SO GOOD when you're done and you say the final product and everything :33.

Kobato Drop.12-b
Newtype March Scans (CLAMP 20th Anniversary Speacial and Igarashi Satsuki's Column)

If using please credit! Enjoy !~ ^o^

ETA1:starlady38 posted translations over here o/
ETA2: Everlasting Songs FictionJuncion Article over here as well

Oct. 1st, 2008

deceiver of fools [fay]

Yeap, I'm still living and rocking ! 8D

First of all, SORRY. I haven't really checked LJ since I got to Japan, mostly because I didn't have a PC which I do now ^^ and time? maybe ~
Some people have unfriended me, and I'm fine with it, because it's my fault for being a bad LJ friend. Sorry to those too, even if you won't get to read this ~
As you may now, I got to Japan on April this year and have been attending a Japanese Language School since then ^^. After taking the placing test for the new students I got in 1 kumi, the most advanced and "difficult" class ! Which is awesome, but I'm kind of forced to sit for the JLPT level 1 this year, which we're being prepared for while taking the regular classes. I've a lot of new and amazing friends, mostly Korean and Chinese. In other words, Asian poeple, just to say there's just 2 non-asian in my class including me xDD. Btw Korean girls are so pretty 8DDDD.

Well, some of the main things I've done since coming to Japan which I actually have memory of.

~ Bought the new version of CLOVER, the one released this year, they re-edited it in order to make the 4 original volumes just 2, I loved them.
~ Attended to the ComiKet "Natsu Comic 2008" at Tokyo Big Sight and bought several things, including the new art book by Tohru Adumi 8DDDD. It was so freaking crowded, but sadly there were some things I couldn't buy because I got late to the stand they were sending them at T_T. I felt like Konata the whole day xDDD, if you know what I'm saying.
~ Attended yesterday to the Free Live Do as Infinity did at Yoyogi Park. I wrote a review at last.fm here!.
~ Watch Ponyo and loved it, got kind of sleepy though.
~ Have gone to a lot of festivals, campament, went fishing for the first time ! and did homestay at Ishikawa, I was part of the famous JapanTent in Japan 8D. I got selected luckily ~

Haven't really touched PS in a long time, poor me. But I'll do something about it this week because I am in my first of my 5 days rest from school. By the way, I'll be watching Sky Crawlers tomorrow ~
I'll try to post at least once a week, I'll try ~ So, what's up people ! What have you been up to lately ?

Nov. 13th, 2007

heart station [euphie]

iconPost [04] (21 icons)

This iconpost is dedicated to CLANNAD. Consists on 21 icons, most of them (17 out of 21) from Episode #1 and the rest from official artwork. I might try to icon my favorite parts of each episode so you can stay tune watching this journal.

Contents ~

~ CLANNAD (21)
Furukawa Nagisa (4)
Ibuki Fuuko (2)
Sakagami Tomoyo (5)
Okazaki Tomoya (2)
Sunohara Youhei (1)
Group (6)
Other (1)


~ Comment + Credit + NO HOTLINKING + Enjoy = ^^ ~


I was having a transparent dream [...]Collapse )

Aug. 1st, 2007

heart station [euphie]

iconPost [03] (81 icons)

Hm, it's been a while since i last posted icons. Well, these are a bunch of made of crap icons i've been submitting to icontests/LIMS/battles. Hope you like stand them without getting hurt.

Contents ~

~ CLAMP (48)
CCS (6)
Chobits (3)
Magic Knight Reyearth (2)
RG Veda (3)
TRC (10)
Wish (1)
X/1999 (13)
xxxHOLiC (2)
Angelic Layer (1)

~ Misc (32)
Amy Lee (3)
Hamasaki Ayumi (2)
Jay Chou (1)
BoA (1)
Ouran High School Host CLub (4)
Bleach (1)
Peace Maker Kurogane (1)
Wolf's Rain (1)
Dogs (1)
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (2)
Lucky Star (1)
Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto (1)
Code Geass (3)
Death Note (8)
Random Girl (1)
Random Icon featuring Mudkip and TRC Mokona, wierd ? (1)
Toki o Kakeru Shoujo (1)


Extra: CLOVER COlored Page (featuring the Three-Leaf Clovers).

~ Comment + Credit + NO HOTLINKING + Enjoy = ^^ ~


Facade Of Reality [...]Collapse )

May. 29th, 2007

heart station [euphie]

iconPost [02] (47 icons)

Well, this is my first icon post since i changed to this account ^^;.
WARNING: These are very random 'cause almost all of them are submissions for several and different icontests in LJ.

~ CLAMP (38)
TRC (6)
xxxHOLiC (6)
Kobato (1)
Chobits (6)
The Legend of Chung Hyang (2)
CCS (4)
Souryuden (1)
Shirahime Syo (1)
X/1999 (3)
RG Veda (1)
Magic Knight Reyearth (4)

~ Misc (9)
Thank You K-Drama (1)
Tohru Azumi (1)
Random Creature from CLAMP Newtype (1)
DNAngel (1)
Stockholm (1)
Aquarian Age (3)
Lucky Star (1)
Alichino (1)


Extra: Alichino Coloring

~ Comment + Credit (if take any) + NO HOTLINKING + Enjoy = ^^ ~


Itsuka kimi ni todoku made [...]Collapse )

May. 6th, 2007

heart station [euphie]

iconPost [01] (CLOVER for sentient_icons)

Heytz ! It has been a while since my last icon post, that was at my old account. I decided to claim CLOVER at sentient_icons 'cause this series needs more love ^^. And remember to join clamp_colors a new icontest for CLAMP Manga Colorers ^^;

~ Comment + Credit (if take any) + NO HOTLINKING + Enjoy = ^^ ~


Take me to a true elsewhereCollapse )

Apr. 28th, 2007

fake smile [fay]

New CLAMP Icontest

Me and jigglypuff decided to make a New CLAMP Icontest, and clamp_colors was the result ^^.

clamp_colors is a weekly CLAMP manga coloring incontest based on clamp_icontest and clamp_hush. A manga coloring icontest, is a contest where each week, a theme will be posted. The challenge itself, is to make a colored icon using just images from any of the several works of CLAMP. You can make a simple colored icon, or use the colored part as a base for a new icon.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


We need at least 15 members to hold our first Challenge ^^; So, it would be GREAT if you join ^^, specially the ones that like iconing and CLAMP ! =). sorry for spamming your f-list T_T